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Essay Express
Essay Express is an intense 1 day workshop that is recommended three to five weeks before finals. Students who attend this workshop will learn how to write a clear and concise, organized and well balanced law school essay exam. Students will learn how to effectively utilize the organizational writing tools represented by IRAC and CRAC. They will understand law school essay exam analysis and grading, strategies and tactics to succeed on law school exams. We teach students the framework for legal writing that gets results so they can enhance their academic performance, attract better jobs and be better practicing attorneys.
IRAC is an organizational writing tool. Good legal writing is very well organized and the IRAC format will ensure that students address all of the points that are required for legal analysis in a logical manner. We will review the IRAC format in detail and utilize it in a practice essay at the end of the workshop. Additional writing workshops can be developed specifically for your curriculum.
The single most important skill for a law student is the ability to analyze an issue. Students need to learn to write in a logical and precise manner that clearly conveys their intended meaning. Professors award high grades based on good analysis. Together, we will work through the analysis of a hypothetical question during the workshop and students will be provided with a grading guideline and a sample answer.
Strategies & Tactics to Excel on Law School Exams
Taking a law school exam is an intimidating experience for students. The grade on a final exam is often what will determine the student’s grade for the class. In our workshops, we will teach students how to study correctly, efficiently and effectively. Our approach, which has proven to be very effective, utilizes strategies and tactics that will enable students to develop the skills they need to earn good grades.

Practice Writing for a Law School Essay Exam
For the final exam, the professor often intentionally presents a hypothetical dispute where the judicial decision can go either way. On most exams, there can be many correct answers, but the excellent answer analyzes all the facts and issues. Therefore, it is crucial that students know how to approach the exam in order to earn the best possible grade. Our workshops will enable students to practice their writing skills in various topics and prepare them to excel on their exams.