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Jump-Start Your GPA

Jump-Start Your GPA is a one day workshop designed for the beginning of the second semester of law school.
Law school teaching and learning is very different than what students are familiar with from their undergraduate studies. As a result, students are frequently disappointed with their performance and have little time to improve it before being thrusted into an even more difficult semester. After you receive your grades for the first semester, if you did not earn the grades you anticipated, or if your grades put you at risk or on probation, this workshop will get you on track and enable you to significantly boost your GPA next semester. If you received good grades, but you want to make them great grades, you will welcome the information we share in this workshop. School administrators can utilize this workshop to support their 1L's in earning higher GPA's. Research has shown a direct correlation between 1st year GPA and bar pass rates. Higher bar pass rates benefit both students and their schools. SBA's can offer encouragement and assistance to the 1L's by bringing this workshop to campus.

We will assess your study habits and learning style and determine your strengths and weaknesses. We will revisit the fundamentals to achieving success and provide you with recommendations for change. We will discuss both essay and mutilpe choice strategies that will improve your performance. Finally, we will enable you to make a plan to raise your GPA.