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Pre-Law and Current Law Students

Law school is a challenging and time consuming experience in an ultra-competitive environment. The pressure is on from the first day of school. If a student falls behind early, it is extremely difficult to catch up. Students must maximize performance from the beginning in order to get the best grades possible. The first year’s grades often determine eligibility for law review, moot court and other prestigious academic activities, as well as clerkships, future employment prospects and even bar passage. Teaching and learning in law school are very different than what students are familiar with from undergraduate studies. It is important to begin the first year of law school armed with the skills needed to achieve peak performance. The information and skills learned from the Law School Power Prep Workshops will save students time and energy and provide them with a significant advantage over their classmates.

Our workshops were designed specifically to provide law students with the skills they need to succeed in law school and in practice. In law school, grades are often determined by a single final essay exam at the end of the semester. Last minute memorizing of material is not going to suffice as it did in undergraduate school. On exam day, the stakes are high, students' nerves are on edge and there is no room for mistakes. Relative to the high cost of tuition, investing in our very affordable preparatory workshops is a clear and obvious choice because we provide students with the critical skills that enable them to be prepared and confident when they walk into exams.
Considering Attending Law School?
If you are considering going to law school, then attending Introduction to Law School represents an incredible opportunity to gain insight into the law school experience and evaluate that decision, especially relative to the cost of a semester or year of tuition. Some people invest $30,000 in a year of law school only to realize that it wasn't for them. Don't make that mistake.
Admitted to Law School?
If you've recently been admitted to law school, you're about to invest a considerable amount of time, money and energy into the next three years of your life. Introduction to Law School is effective and affordable and teaches you the fundamental skills you need to successfully navigate law school. You will acquire a road map for success and a competitive edge over your classmates from the first day of school.

Writing an organized, clear and concise law school essay exam under time constraints is no easy task. It's a skill in which you want to make sure you are well versed. For this reason, you should enroll in Essay Express several weeks before finals. We will teach you how to write a great essay exam and provide practice and even individualized grading upon request.
Are you a law student that didn’t get the grades you wanted first semester?
Jump-Start Your GPA will help you boost your GPA. We can help you by analyzing where you went wrong, suggesting how to improve your weaknesses and sharpen your strengths. Together we will develop a plan to help you reach peak performance.