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There are approximately 140,000 law students in the United States attending 201 American Bar Association (ABA) approved law schools in the United States. There are approximately 45,000 to 55,000 first year law students admitted each year. Unfortunately, the economic downturn is adversely affecting law schools. In fact, according to the ABA, law school admissions are predicted to plunge to a 30 year low. Below is a graph illustrating a dangerously sharp decrease in the number of admitted first year law students; a trend that is only beginning. As you can see, the number of incoming first year students drastically declined from 52,488 to 44,518, which is a 15% decrease. Consequently, the New York Times predicts that law schools will be forced to accept students that they previously would not have admitted. These students will need additional academic support.
  • Law school enrollment of first year students plunged 15%
  • Law school applicants are down since 2010 38%
  • In 2011, only 55% of graduating students found full-time jobs 55%
In response to declining applications and admissions, law schools will be forced to budget for and provide additional academic support in order to remain competitive and ultimately viable. These at-risk students will need assistance developing the skills necessary to successfully complete law school and pass the bar exam. Some law schools have invested significant resources in order to provide a dedicated academic support team. However, some schools have not done so and cannot economically afford this additional expense. Law School Power Prep was formed in response to the need for affordable, effective, and high quality skills-based legal training.

Law School Power Prep is a nonprofit company. Our charitable purpose is to improve law students’ academic performance, thereby enhancing their law school experience and ultimately elevating the standard of lawyering skills in practice; increase the accessibility of critical skills training for all students, thereby enabling more students to attain academic success; and achieve diversity in the legal profession by equalizing critical skills training throughout legal education, beginning in the early stages of legal training.

Our three workshops can be customized to your curriculum, hosted at your school, and have proven to yield positive results. Offered at the appropriate time each semester for a very affordable price, Law School Power Prep can be a valuable and cost effective resource for your school's academic support needs. Please contact us to schedule a conference to discuss how we can meet your needs and exceed your expectations.