Teaching the Skills Students Need to Succeed
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Law School Power Prep
Law School Power Prep offers skills-based workshops that are effective and affordable. They are live, intense, interactive and comprehensive. During these courses students will learn the fundamental skills they need to succeed in law school and in practice. Attending these workshops will boost students’ performance.
Improve law school students’ academic performance, thereby enhancing their law school experience and ultimately elevating the standard of lawyering skills in practice;

Increase the accessibility of critical skills training for all students, thereby enabling more students to attain academic success; and

Achieve diversity in the legal profession by equalizing critical skills training throughout legal education, beginning in the early stages of legal training.
Law School Power Prep’s mission is to teach law students the critical skills they need to succeed in law school and excel in practice. We offer a variety of powerful live workshops that are proven to be effective. The workshops are interactive and comprehensive: Introduction to Law School, Essay Express, and Jump-Start Your GPA. Students that attend these workshops will learn what to expect in law school and what will be expected of them. They will acquire the strategies to efficiently, effectively and successfully enhance their academic performance and therefore attract better job opportunities. We will award scholarships for students to attend our workshops and also bar preparation courses that are not provided by us. Additionally, we will provide nonprofit organizations and student organizations with discounted admission and opportunities to utilize our program as a fundraising activity.