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“I am familiar with this company and I know the academic director/program designer. The director and course designer, who designed all of the material and teaches all of the workshops, is an amazing and experienced academic support professional with nearly 8 years of full-time experience in the field. Her materials are very professional and relevant to law school performance and her teaching is clear, direct, and engaging for students. For those of you who are looking for or need this type of service, I would highly recommend this company because of its commitment to academic support principles and best practices.”

Jendayi D. Saada

Asst. Dean, Center for Academic & Bar Readiness

La Verne College of Law

320 E. D Street

Ontario, CA 91764

"Everything the program taught was worth every penny, but the best part was the guidance and insight into how to be successful throughout law school. I've told a lot of people about this program." - Nancy

"I was super prepared for exams having done everything you guys advised! And.. as a result, I did FABULOUS on my exams. THANK YOU!!" - Renee

"Great teacher, very informative. I would recommend all 1Ls to take this course. It is well worth the money." - George

"Thank you for making the transition into law school so much smoother, easier and less intimidating." - Laura

"All the advice was on point. It really helped me do very well on my exams. I can say with certainty that I could not have done it without this workshop." – J.P.

“The program made a huge difference in my law school success. Thank you!” - Diane

Just wanted to thank you again...I know that my results on the final exams were much improved because of your class. Based on what the students in my classes have said, it appears I was definitely more prepared and learned so much in your course that it gave me a significant advantage. Many of my classmates wished that they had been fortunate enough to take your course after they attended your review last month.

Thanks again. The fact that your entire law school career relies on one final exam grade is very stressful.