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Why Law School Power Prep Workshops?
Law school is a challenging and time consuming experience in an ultra-competitive environment. The pressure is on from the first day of school. If you fall behind early, it is extremely difficult to catch up. You must maximize your performance from the beginning in order to get the best grades possible. Your first year grades (performance) often determine your eligibility for law review, moot court and other prestigious academic activities, as well as clerkships, future employment prospects and even bar passage. Additionally, teaching and learning in law school are very different than what you are familiar with from your undergraduate studies. It is important to begin your first year of law school armed with the tools to achieve success. You cannot afford to fall behind. The information and skills you will gain from the Law School Power Prep Workshops will save you time and energy and provide you with a significant advantage over your classmates.
Law School Power Prep Helps:

  • Prospective law school students

  • Incoming Law School Students

  • Enrolled Law School Students