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Law School Power Prep's three workshops are specifically designed to be effective and affordable. Our workshops have proven to provide incoming law students with the skills they need to succeed in law school. Students will learn what to expect and what is expected of them. They will be equipped with the strategies to efficiently, effectively and successfully master law school, earning better grades and therefore securing more attractive job opportunities. We get results!
Our flagship workshop, Introduction to Law School, is a live comprehensive 2 day interactive workshop that is most appropriate for prospective and incoming law students prior to the beginning of law school or a few weeks thereafter. During this workshop, students are introduced to the fundamental building blocks of law, law school and the legal system that will be the underpinning of their entire legal education: the principles of law and equity, court procedure, analytic reasoning, clear and concise legal writing and thorough preparation for class and exams. Students who attend Introduction to Law School have a competitive edge over the other students, starting on the first day of class.

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Essay Express is a live intense 1 day interactive workshop that is recommended three to five weeks before finals. Students who attend this workshop will learn how to write a clear, concise, well organized law school essay exam. Students will learn how to effectively utilize the organizational writing tools IRAC and CRAC. They will understand law school essay exam analysis and grading, strategies and tactics to succeed on law school exams. We teach students the framework for legal essay exam writing. Because of our workshops students get better grades on their essay exams. Their enhanced academic performance will help them to attract better jobs and be better practicing attorneys.

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Jump-Start Your GPA is a live 1 day workshop designed for the beginning of the second semester of law school. After students receive grades for the first semester, we will help them analyze what they did right and wrong during the first semester. We will evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, review fundamentals and help create a plan detailing what actions are needed in order to get better results next semester.

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